May 18

Let An Old Favorite Give You Something New

Series are everywhere!

A coworker heard me talking about the second season of “Outlander.” She said it sounded kind of familiar, so she started watching season one, which quickly led to her recollection that she’d read the books, and they’d been old favorites of hers. In short order, she not only watched through season two, but also began reading the series again.

Lo and behold, way back when, she’d only read through book five. This probably indicates she’d discovered the series sometime around 2001 and never knew Diana Gabaldon kept writing. And writing. And writing.

Here we are in 2017 and my coworker has not only been enjoying the books she’d already read, she’s been launched into the next five or six, not to mention the novellas and short stories that are all part of the “Outlander” world.

I’ll bet if you look back through your hard copy books or your ereader, you’ll find an old favorite by an author you haven’t checked on for awhile, which may happily lead you to a new release — or five. In fact, you might want to poke around a bit here at Love Historicals. Our authors have been pretty prolific. Let an old favorite give you something new.

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  1. Anna Markland

    Nice looking bundle, Jill.

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