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Western Historical Romance, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, Wild Texas Nights, Velvet Lies, Texas author, His Wicked Dream, Always Her Hero, Seduced By An Angel, Devil in Texas, Shady Lady, Scoundrel for Hire, Texas Outlaw, Texas Lover, Texas Wildcat

Adrienne deWolfe


Adrienne deWolfe is a National Bestselling Author of action-packed Western Historical Romance novels, where feisty Heroines buck the conventions and true Heroes must be wickedly funny.

When Adrienne’s not writing, she can often be found dragging her sopping-wet feline out of the bathtub (Because Krazy Kat — who thinks she’s a shark — gets her kitty jollies by cannon-balling into the water.  While Adrienne’s soaking in it.)

On other days, Adrienne wages war with her printer. (You think we jest? See her post, “Help! My Printer Has a Poltergeist!”)

Adrienne’s greatest secret is that she’s a gifted intuitive. Someday, she hopes to have a truly USEFUL premonition, so she can pick the winning Lottery ticket. Until that happy day arrives, she hopes you will buy lots of her books (because cat therapists are VERY expensive.)

Fascinated by all things mystical, Adrienne writes a blog about dragons, magic, haunted pizza, the Universal Law of Attraction, and other weirdness she can’t explain at

If you’re looking for goodies, contests, and excerpts from her award-wining novels, then visit, where you’ll find sneak peeks from all of her books.

Adrienne also writes a blog featuring tips about the business of writing at  She enjoys mentoring aspiring authors and provides professional coaching services.


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Adrienne deWolfe's Books

Read excerpts from Adrienne’s books.

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Don’t miss any of the award-winning books in

Adrienne deWolfe’s best-selling series!


Western Romance, Romantic Suspense, Victorian Romance, Americana RomanceDANCE TO THE DEVIL’S TUNE (Book 2, Lady Law & The Gunslinger Series)

Maestro’s music creates mindless puppets, who commit crimes at his command. To lure the sinister jewel thief out of hiding, Pinkerton Agent Sadie Michelson poses as a wealthy widow.

Fearing for her safety, William “Cass” Cassidy, her hotheaded lover, hatches his own plot to end Maestro’s killing spree. But his daring gamble backfires and shatters Sadie’s trust.

Now Cass is warring with Maestro and the Pinkertons. Torn between her mission and the outlaw lover who claims he was framed, Sadie must stop Cass’s showdown with Maestro to keep her badge – and her man.


      • ““Lively and entertaining. (The) tempestuous lead couple has terrific chemistry. The next book can’t come soon enough!”  ~Heather Nordahl Files, Affaire de Coeur
      • “Think Wild Wild West with a spicy heroine. Dance to the Devil’s Tune is a special, highly recommended, genre-busting adventure.” ~ D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


western, Victorian, Texas, Research, Adrienne deWolfeDEVIL IN TEXAS (Book 1, Lady Law & The Gunslinger Series)

Pinkerton Agent Sadie Michelson poses as a casino singer to investigate a Texas Senator. Before she can cozy up to her quarry, she must get past his bodyguard, William Cassidy, her long-lost lover.

An outlaw seeking redemption, Cass was lured to Texas by the promise of a Ranger badge. But he hasn’t forgotten the sassy siren, who toyed with his heart. When Sadie proposes a truce, Cass suspects she’s hiding something.

With assassins dogging their heels, Cass and Sadie uncover a murder conspiracy in the senate.  To stay alive, they must do the one thing they’re dead set against:  trust each other.


        • “Adrienne deWolfe serves up a dose of pure fun. . . Fans of Westerns should get this one!”  ~Heather Nordahl Files, Affaire de Coeur
        • “Western romance at its best. Anything but predictable… Devil in Texas (is) a spicy, revealing read that ups the ante in the Western romance genre and immerses readers in a special blend of political intrigue and mystery.” ~ D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
        • “Adrienne deWolfe has done it again with a rousing adventure set in the Wild West that’s sure to please any lover of Western novels. Deftly weaving rich characters with a sublimely unique plot, DEVIL IN TEXAS is the perfect blend of laugh-out-loud storytelling and heartfelt emotion.  Set against the colorful backdrop of 1880’s Texas, deWolfe delivers a deliciously wicked pair of star-crossed lovers, a Texas-Ranger whodunit, and a rascally raccoon, named Vandy, who will steal your heart. Honestly, I couldn’t put it down!” ~Barbara Ankrum, National Bestselling Author
        • “Adrienne deWolfe’s DEVIL IN TEXAS sizzles like the devil’s own pitchfork! And that devil, Cass Cassidy, meets his match in the fiery diva, Sadie Michelson. Readers will love this sassy duo, a heroine who changes her name as often as she changes clothes, and a to-die-for hero she dubs, ‘Eros in spurs.’  Sparks really fly between these lovers with sparkling dialogue, hilarious one-liners, and laugh out loud witticisms. DEVIL IN TEXAS highlights deWolfe’s fantastic storytelling skills with this perfect start to a great new series.” ~Sharon Ihle, National Bestselling Author


Adrienne deWolfe, Western Romance, Americana RomancePISTOLS AND PETTICOATS (Western Romance Anthology)

From bestselling authors Adrienne deWolfe, Barbara Ankrum, and Sharon Ihle come three fresh novellas, featuring three firebrand ladies, each determined to make her mark while making her match.

SHADY LADY – 26,000 word prequel to DEVIL IN TEXAS (Book 1, Lady Law & The Gunslinger) by Adrienne deWolfe

Fiery singing sensation, Sadie Michelson, thinks falling in love is bad for business—until William “Cass” Cassidy, a hotheaded gunslinger, sets his sights on wooing her. But when a Texas Ranger arrives in Dodge City to extradite Cass for a crime of passion, Sadie must use all her wits and wiles to lure the law from her man’s trail. And that means risking everything—including Cass’s love.

ETHAN’S BRIDE – 27,000 word sequel to CHASE THE FIRE (Wild Western Hearts, Book 4) by Barbara Ankrum

Violet Bradford desperately wants a child. Believing herself barren, she answers Dr. Ethan Walker’s advertisement for a mail-order bride, knowing he only wants one thing: a mother for his young daughter. Surely the joys of motherhood can compensate for a loveless marriage. But Ethan’s broken heart won’t stop tugging at hers. And Ethan soon realizes he must risk his heart again or risk losing it all.

BAREBACK BRIDE – 25,000 word sequel to THE BRIDE WORE SPURS (The Inconvenient Bride Series, Book 1) by Sharon Ihle

Expert horsewoman, Shannon Winterhawke runs away from home to join the Buffalo Bill Wild West extravaganza. Shannon is hired on the spot, but the show’s head horseman, Seth Edwards, simply sees another flighty gal looking for a cowboy fling before settling down with some unsuspecting fool. But all bets are off as Shannon slowly sneaks into Seth’s heart and lassoes him with his own rope.


Western Historical Romance, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, Velvet Lies, Adrienne deWolfe, Texas author, His Wicked Dream, Always Her Hero, Seduced By An Angel, Devil in Texas, Shady Lady

SEDUCED BY AN ANGEL (Book 3, Velvet Lies)

Kentucky belle Seraphina Jones craves a dashing stranger worth kissing. When she spies her handsome, half-naked hired hand at the riverbank, she thinks her dreams of romance have come true. But this Texican is wanted for murder.

Jesse Quaid can’t let Sera’s sweet kisses distract him from rendezvousing with Cass, a childhood friend, to clear his name of a crime he didn’t commit.

But then a case of mistaken identity turns Cass into Jesse’s deadliest rival for Sera’s heart.

Now, Sera must find a way to end the feud before the man she loves is lost forever.


      • “Spellbinding! Having read all three books in this series, this is far and away my favorite of them! Ms. deWolfe writes is such a way to draw you into the story from page one and keep you eyebrow-deep until the very last word has been read. Jesse and Sera’s story was very beautifully written. Probably my favorite scene was the Cherokee wedding – the detail is so vivid, I felt as thought I was standing there as a witness. And the history of a previous encounter that Jesse and Sera had, wow! I was in tears. I also like the way she incorporates the characters from the two previous books of the series with the storyline in this book. I like being able to keep up with the lives of the other characters. I definitely laughed loudly and cried soundly while reading this book. I HIGHLY recommend her books to anyone who enjoys historical romance.” ~ Hopeless Romantic
      • “Adrienne does not just write bestsellers or award winners, she writes from the heart. Each book captures readers interest, pulls them in, then leaves readers wanting more. If it is written by Adrienne, one book is never enough. The best part of the book for me is the wedding ceremony. I pictured this so clear in my head, it felt like I was there with Jesse and Sera. It was wonderful. I am personally eagerly waiting for (DEVIL IN TEXAS, Book 1 in Lady Law & The Gunslinger.) Once again, thanks for a wonderful read, Adrienne. The bunnies and I give this book 5 carrots.” ~ Suzie Welker, Bunny’s Book Reviews




Western Historical Romance, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, Velvet Lies, Adrienne deWolfe, Texas author, Scoundrel for Hire, Always Her Hero, Seduced By An Angel, Devil in Texas, Shady Lady
HIS WICKED DREAM    (Book 2, Velvet Lies)

Haunted by scandal, Eden Mallory is determined to start over in a new town. But she won’t soon forget the sexy, rugged doctor who rescued her from an outlaw, then rode off into the storm.

After losing his kid-brother to consumption, Dr. Michael Jones is obsessed with saving lives. He has no room for love or a wife. But the nights are lonely, and Eden haunts his dreams.

When Eden becomes his backdoor neighbor, she turns his world upside-down with her unconventional healing skills and sweet temptation.

But outlaws return, forcing Michael to confront his past if he is to save the most precious life of all.




        • “Adrienne deWolfe is a master storyteller. (His Wicked Dream) is peppered with delightful characters that had me grinning in delight. I breezed through this book, unable to put it down.” ~ Karen Larsen, (5 Stars)
        • Entertaining (and) well-written.”~ Harriet Klausner, (5 stars)
        • “These sensitive, marvelous characters will tug at your heartstrings and never let go.” ~ Rendezvous
        • “Well-crafted. Michael is a perfect . . . hero.”~ Romantic Times Magazine




Western Historical Romance, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, Velvet Lies, Adrienne deWolfe, Texas author, His Wicked Dream, Always Her Hero, Seduced By An Angel, Devil in Texas, Shady Lady
SCOUNDREL FOR HIRE (Book 1, Velvet Lies)

Raphael Jones is a Kentucky-born scoundrel, who has never played by the rules.

When Colorado mining heiress, Silver Nichols, hires him to stop her precious daddy from marrying a golddigger, Rafe sets out to seduce Silver and win her fortune.

But beneath Silver’s cool veneer, Rafe encounters a sweet vulnerability and an aching secret that threatens to send his whole world up in smoke.

Now the wily scoundrel must choose: walk away or wager the one thing he can’t afford to lose—his heart.






        • “A delightful, laugh-out-loud romp that will lift your spirits and have you cheering for more.” ~ Kathe Robin, Romantic Times Magazine (4.5 Stars)
        • “Scoundrel for Hire is a humorous western romance that will enchant sub-genre fans. The story line is entertaining due to the wickedly witty exchanges between characters, including a ghost. Silver is a delightful lead female protagonist, but the book belongs to that rapscallion, Rafe, robber of readers’ hearts. This is another winner for deWolfe.”~ Harriet Klausner, Affaire de Coeur
        • “Scoundrel for Hire is a beautifully written book (and) sparkles with wit.” ~ Bookbug on the Web
        • This story has everything: funny scenes, poignant scenes, paranormal scenes. . . A real page turner!”~ The Romance Journal
        • “Wickedly funny!  This book sizzles with a scoundrel you won’t mind losing your heart to.  Adrienne deWolfe is a jewel of a find for your keeper shelf.” ~ Christina Dodd, New York times Best-selling Author




Western Historical Romance, Historical Romance, Texas Romance, Wild Texas Nights, Adrienne deWolfe, Texas Outlaw, Texas Lover
TEXAS WILDCAT (Book 3, Wild Texas Nights)

When the beautiful, hot-tempered Bailey McShane bursts into the cattlemen’s saloon, waving her shotgun and accusing the cowboys of theft, simmering tempers start to boil.

Bailey wants restitution for the fence posts that some low-down cowpokes burned to steal precious water from her land.

No self-respecting cattleman would be caught dead siding with a sheep rancher, like Bailey—and yet Zack Rawlins, the youngest, elected president of the Cattlemen’s Association, can’t resist this pint-sized wildcat with the big blue eyes. With drought-stricken Bandera County on the brink of range war, Zack faces political suicide if he can’t find a way to mend fences between Bailey and his cattle-ranching neighbors.

But what’s a cowboy to do with an unpredictable woman who refuses to be tamed?


        • “With warmth and a true understanding of a woman’s heart, Adrienne deWolfe brings two special people together. Texas Wildcat is a marvelous conclusion to her Texas trilogy. Three dimensional characters, snappy dialogue, sharp repartee, a realistic portrait of the era — as well as plenty of passion — make this a gem.” ~ Kathe Robin, Romantic Times Magazine (4.5 Stars)
        • “Wonderful!… If you’re looking for a book that will set your heart racing and show you a part of American history, Texas Wildcat is for you. This is one historical romance that’s going on my keeper shelf!”~ Carmel Vivier, Under the Covers
        • With Texas Wildcat, Ms. deWolfe has delivered fully on her promise as one of Romance’s best new authors…(with) a series destined to become everyone’s favorite read.” ~ Genie Romance and Women’s Fiction Exchange




Western Historical Romance, Historical Romance, Texas Romance, Wild Texas Nights, Adrienne deWolfe, Texas Wildcat, Texas Outlaw
TEXAS LOVER (Book 2, Wild Texas Nights)

Texas Ranger Wes Rawlins has a heap of trouble on his hands. The county sheriff has been murdered, squatters are entrenched on the dead man’s land, and no one can tell Wes why the sheriff wired for help in the first place.

So Wes rides out to the sheriff’s farm—and finds himself looking down a gun barrel aimed by Aurora Sinclair, a spirited, young divorcée with a house full of orphans to protect.

Is Aurora an innocent schoolmarm battling an illegal land grab? Or is she a cunning temptress who plugged her lawman-lover to seize his sprawling homestead?

In this high-stakes game of cat and mouse, Wes dare not lose his head. The trouble is, he may have already lost his heart.




        • “Adrienne deWolfe combines the grit and reality of the West with the warmth and tenderness of an Americana read, turning Texas Lover into a romance of immense power and deep emotions. Her three-dimensional characters will warm your heart as her powerful story grips your imagination. This is one very talented author.”       ~ Kathe Robin, Romantic Times Magazine (4.5 Stars)
        • “I loved Texas Lover! This book was too perfect for words… It is going on my keeper shelf and on my list of all-time favorite reads.” ~ Maudeen Wachsmith, Editor, Rawhide & Lace
        • “Adrienne is undoubtedly an author to watch. She writes beautifully, with a style as high, wide, and handsome as the Texas sky… Her story is warm and exciting, peopled with marvelous characters who are achingly real in their dilemmas. Texas Lover stole my heart.”~ Jennifer Blake, New York Times Best-selling Author
        • “Hot, sexy…it will keep you entertained from the first page to the last… Adrienne deWolfe has a great writing style, with plenty of humor and a pinch of naughtiness that is pure delight to the reader.”~ Marta Kiss, Belles and Beaux of Romance Newsletter




Western Historical Romance, Historical Romance, Texas Romance, Wild Texas Nights, Adrienne deWolfe, Texas Lover, Texas Wildcat
TEXAS OUTLAW (Book 1, Wild Texas Nights)

Fancy Holleday has more nerve than the average cardsharp. No man can resist her smoky voice and violet eyes—and that includes the federal tinstar, Cord Rawlins.

Cord may have tracked her all the way to Texas to recover the U.S. minting plates that she stole, but the Nevada penitentiary is a long ride north, giving her plenty of time to charm, seduce, or just plain outsmart the handsome Texas lawman.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Cord Rawlins is sworn to bring renegades to justice—including the brazen lady train robber who turned the tables on him near Carson City.

Tracking Fancy down is Cord’s job, but resisting her persistent persuasions is a matter of personal honor. With Fancy’s life in his hands, Cord begins to wonder if his clever prisoner is really as shameless as she pretends. Could her wicked smile be hiding a desperate secret—one that can steal his heart?



        • “A fresh perspective on western romance. Adrienne deWolfe’s writing is clever and unconventional . . . Guaranteed to please.”~ Pamela Morsi, New York Times Best-selling author
        • “Funny, fresh, fast-paced, and romantic, Texas Outlaw in an entertaining read.”~ Susan Wiggs, New York Times Best-selling author
        • “Adrienne deWolfe is an exciting talent with a powerful, gripping style.”~ Romantic Times Magazine
        • “After having read the Velvet Lies series by Adrienne deWolfe, I was excited to have the opportunity to read Texas Outlaw, and I was not disappointed! I love this book! Engaging and enjoyable characters with a fast pace and page-turning quality!” ~ Trips Down Imagination Road


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Adrienne deWolfe's Books

Read excerpts from Adrienne’s books.

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Adrienne deWolfe’s News


APRIL 2014SHADY LADY is live! This novella from the Velvet Lies series is a prequel to both SEDUCED BY AN ANGEL and DEVIL IN TEXAS.  The hero is Cass (who tried to steal Sera’s heart in SEDUCED BY AN ANGEL.)  The “shady lady” is Sadie Michelson:  the woman who taught Cass how to be a rascal! Their story takes place in Dodge City in 1879 and features famous historical figures, including Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday.  The novella will be featured in an anthology (not yet titled) of never-before-published Western Historical Romances written by bestselling authors.

SUMMER 2014 DEVIL IN TEXAS (Book 4, Velvet Lies Series) features much loved characters from Books 2 and 3, including Cass, Collie, and everyone’s favorite raccoon: Vandy Vanderbilt Vandal.  SHADY LADY’S sassy, pistol-packing Sadie returns as an undercover Pinkerton agent to challenge Cass’s right to wear a Texas Ranger badge.  The sparks really fly as these two on-again, off-again lovers are forced into an uneasy alliance to solve a string of murders. DEVIL IN TEXAS is scheduled for release in Summer 2014. Read an excerpt.

ONGOING —  Adrienne is excited to announce that she will be donating a portion of her royalties from all the books in the Velvet Lies Series  to urban reforestation efforts.


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