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Anna MarklandWho is Anna Markland?

I was born in England, but I’ve lived most of my life in Canada. I have a keen interest in genealogy and this hobby has had a profound influence on my stories. I write medieval romance about family honor, ancestry, and roots. My novels are intimate love stories filled with passion and adventure. Following a fruitful career in teaching, I transformed my love of writing and history into works of fiction. One of the things I enjoy most about writing historical romance is the in-depth research necessary to provide readers with an authentic medieval experience. And I love happy endings! I hope you get as much pleasure from reading my books as I do writing them.


Genre(s): Medieval


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All my books can be read as stand-alone stories, but if you like to follow a family saga in chronological order, they are in order in the list below.

Anna’s note: If you like stories with medieval breeds of dogs, you’ll enjoy If Love Dares Enough, Carried Away, Fatal Truths and Wild Viking Princess. If you have a soft spot for cats, read Passion in the Blood and Haunted Knights. More information on the books’ settings and subject matter is located at the bottom of the cover list.

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Anna’s Latest Release




RoverDefiant_CVR_200x300Torstein & Sonja

The Viking nobility will never forgive or forget that Torstein was once a slave. The noblewoman he loves has too much pride to give herself to a man who was once a thrall.





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Conquering Passion by Anna Markland

Conquering Passion

—Ram and Mabelle, Rhodri and Rhonwen.

The year is 1066. The world is about to change forever. Can love survive and flourish amid the carnage, hatred, betrayals and dangers of the Norman Conquest? Juicy historical fiction. An intimate story of passion, ambition, conspiracy, and vengeance. One reviewer said: “…the historical detail is impressive, the events helping drive the story, intertwined with a very strong romance…The reader is sucked into…the middle of politics, intrigue, and the trappings of life in that era…masterfully done…” Shelisa “Fiction is Oxygen”

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If Love Dares Enough by Anna Markland

If Love Dares Enough

—Hugh and Devona, Antoine and Sybilla

In the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings, Hugh de Montbryce fears it is violence that arouses him. He avoids women. But he cannot turn a blind eye to the abuse Devona Melton suffers at the hands of her Norman husband, even at the risk of angering his King. “Hugh and Antoine de Montbryce are my kind of hero and I was kept enthralled by their adventures and their willingness to risk everything for the women they fell in love with. Hugh has additional appeal because he’s a virgin hero! Not too many of those in historical romances! The book is rich in historical detail. I couldn’t put it down. And those dogs! You’ll fall in love with the Melton family’s mastiffs, Boden and Brigantia.” Roberta -Amazon reviewer

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Defiant Passion By Anna Markland

Defiant Passion

—Rhodri and Rhonwen

Readers of the epic novel “Conquering Passion” who fell in love with Welsh villain-turned-hero, Rhodri, asked for more and Ms. Markland delivered. You’ll enjoy this reprise of the full story of his life. This novella sets the stage for Books Two and Three of the Sons of Rhodri Series -juicy historical fiction at its best. “What a wonderful escape into history. This is the first book I’ve read by Ms. Markland and it won’t be the last. I truly enjoyed being in her story world. She knows how to make history come to life with fantastic, realistic details and characters you can’t help but love and root for. I also enjoyed her writing style!” Vonda Sinclair, author of My Wild Highlander.

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  Sons of Rhodri Trilogy by Anna Markland

Sons of Rhodri Trilogy

Defiant Passion, Dark and Bright, and The Winds of the Heavens are available in paperback as The Sons of Rhodri Trilogy



A Man Of Value by Anna MarklandA Man of Value

—Caedmon and Agneta

Everything he’d ever believed about himself had been a lie. Caedmon’s discovery of his bastardy threatens to destroy him and his marriage to Agneta Kirkthwaite. He seeks redemption by going off on the First Crusade. Agneta harbours hatreds of her own over the massacre of her family and the destruction of her home–a crime Caedmon unwittingly participated in. Can love help them overcome hatred and forge a powerful dynasty of their own? A love story that encompasses all kinds of love – romantic, familial and friendship. “Late 11th century Europe is the backdrop for this beautiful, well told historic romance. Filled with interesting characters, a solid plot and colorful backgrounds, this story reeled me in and kept me turning pages till the end. This is a very well written, well thought out and plotted story. l will definitely be looking for the next book in the series. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good story.” Susan, Goodreads Reviewer

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Dark Irish Knight by Anna Markland

Dark Irish Knight

—Ronan and Rhoni

Ronan MacLachlainn is rumored to be the son of a selkie. His wife and unborn child have been murdered, his Irish estates stolen. Torture has left him blind in one eye. Nothing can stand in the way of his vengeance, not even love. Rhoni is the pampered daughter of a powerful Norman Earl. Can she make Ronan whole again? “Wow, this one starts off with an intense scene and doesn’t let up. I’m a fan of this series and what I really like about this author’s work is that she really puts the reader in the time period (1097) even when things are dirty and gritty. It was a time of war and ever changing loyalties, a place where you could be killed simply because of the name you carried or the region you were born. This offering doesn’t disappoint in either the adventure or romance aspect. Ronan and Rhoni are meant to be and come the hell of torture, the high water of the Irish sea, or even the interference of nuns and seals – these two will find a way to be together. Both Ronan and Rhoni are well written and likable characters and their love story makes this another winner in the series.” I Told You So, Amazon Reviewer.

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Haunted Knights by Anna Markland

Haunted Knights

—Adam and Rosamunda, Denis and Paulina

Can he trust the woman he loves with his terrible secret? Readers requested the story of Denis de Sancerre, the dwarf who appears in many of Ms. Markland’s previous books. Can Denis find love in a harsh medieval world? He has never risked his heart before. His half brother Adam must come to terms with physical losses caused by illness. The story unfolds in 12th century England, Normandy and Brittany. Set against the backdrop of the magnificent Arundel Castle, and the eerie ancient monoliths of Carnac in Brittany, Haunted Knights is the tale of The Giant and the Dwarf, Adam and Denis, brothers haunted by secrets, and challenged by physical limitations. Haunted Knights is Book 2 of Montbryce-The Next Generation Series, also known as the Wounded Warrior Series. The heroes and heroines struggle to come to terms with physical impairments in a medieval world where survival of the fittest is a stark reality. Is love the secret to their survival and happiness? “This novel has a great opening. I was captivated immediately. Ms. Markland has created two parallel love stories. Two brothers meet two sisters. However, each of these characters copes with issues. Adam is deaf and impotent, his brother Denis a dwarf. Rosamunda is mute and her sister Paulina is a dwarf. In this era, these individuals are at risk. All of these people are searching for happiness and as readers we are swept away in their adventures as they try to fulfill their dreams. The story twists and turns and rises to an edgy finale. This is a novel where love overcomes tragedy. A satisfying read.” Reviewed by BookBabe

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Passion In The Blood by Anna Markland

Passion in the Blood

—Robert and Dorianne, Baudoin and Carys

Robert de Montbryce decides he wants a love like his parents have shared for many years. Dorianne de Giroux’s family is consumed by hate, vengeance and the thirst for power.  When she unwittingly falls in love with her family’s sworn enemy, a Montbryce, all is turned upside down. “Anna Markland’s historical romance of Robert and Dorianne during the upheaval between England and Normandy is sheer genius! History comes alive when one reads their story. The details are woven seamlessly into this story of true love and passion.” Lynn Crain, author of A Lover for Rachel

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Dark and Bright by Anna Markland

Dark and Bright

—Rhys and Annalise

His brothers are sentenced to die. He must marry to save them. She is determined not to marry a Welsh barbarian. “I love books that allow you to catch up with characters that you’ve fallen in love with several years down the road. You really get to see how everything turned out.” Meg@ABookishAffair



The Winds of the Heavens by Anna Markland

The Winds of the Heavens

—Rhun and Glain, Rhydderch and Isolda

Set in medieval Wales, Rhun and Rhydderch, a pair of red-headed warriors, find themselves attracted to the same woman. Glain is a healer they’ve sought out in order to save the lives of their brother and brother-in-law. For the first time ever, the twins are at odds over the undeniable attraction they feel for the bonesetter. As the healer cares for their brothers, the twins find themselves competing for Glain’s favor. They’ve always shared everything. Can they share a woman? “The story grabs the reader, and keep you enthralled until you reach the end. I loved this book- a must read for all.” Reviewed by Busy Happy Mom.


Dance of Love by Anna Markland

Dance of Love

—Izzy and Farah

He is a warrior stricken with a crippling affliction. She is the daughter of a king. Where there is great love, there are always miracles. “This is a wonderful historical romance. The book is part of a series but can be read alone. The hero is in daily pain from arthritis which has knocked his confidence. Then along comes a lady with her own confidence issues. The story tells us that everyone can dig deep for the extra strength with the help of people who love us. The dancing is described beautifully. A book that all historical romance fans will love. Go try it.” Elizabeth Petula Winmill

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Carried Away by Anna Markland

Carried Away

—Blythe and Dieter

He kidnapped the wrong woman. He became her captor, but she stole his heart. “I would love to have more romance books set in Germany! I am half German and would love to see some set in the Black Forest.” Christine Jenschke, Amazon Reviewer “This was a lovely read that had everything. A beautiful love story, battles, a kidnapping and a window into the politics and monarchy of the time.” Mimi Barbour, author “This was well done. I enjoyed it.” ScarletGramma-Amazon Reviewer

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Sweet Taste of Love by Anna Markland

Sweet Taste of Love

—Aidan and Nolana

Driven by guilt and grief, Aidan FitzRam decides to join the monastery despite his noble upbringing. Soon after, he encounters Nolana Kyncade, a Scottish damsel running from a horrific betrothal. Although their love is impossible, they can’t deny their feelings for each other. “Aidan and Nolana are great characters and I love the way Ms. Markland is so detailed in her research and history. It really brings me a sense of the period. Nolana has an awful stepfather and I loved that the hero was a monk. What a fresh twist!” Scarlett Gramma


Wild Viking Princess by Anna Markland

Wild Viking Princess

—Ragna and Reider

She was stubborn, beautiful and independent. Since childhood she had been teased with the nickname Wild Viking Princess because of her Danish ancestry. No man could tame her…until she met a real Viking! “Wild Viking Princess is a great read. It is my second favorite of Ms. Markland’s work. I can’t wait for the next story! I stumbled onto Ms. Markland by accident and I am very glad I did. I really enjoy her work.” Audra Hall



FitzRam Family Trilogy by Anna Markland

FitzRam Trilogy

All three books of The FitzRam Family Trilogy are available combined in paperback





Hearts & Crowns by Anna Markland

Hearts and Crowns

—Gallien and Peridotte

Gallien was devastated by the infidelity of his first wife. She is dead and gone, but he remains bitter and mistrustful of any female. Peridotte de Pontrouge fancies she is in love with a future prince and has no wish to marry the embittered Gallien. The politics of a diplomatic revolution force them to wed, though their peoples have historically been sworn enemies. Can love overcome hatred and bitterness? A sensuous historical romance. “What a wonderfully enthralling tale! The author drew me back to medieval times quite easily, providing enough historical detail to imagine a scene without letting minutiae bog down the storyline. Her characters were well developed – heroes and villains alike. Hearts and Crowns is the newest story in a much larger collection about the Montbryce family. I’ve not read any of them, but I don’t think I missed anything by starting with this one. I’m going to start at the beginning of the series next!” Leslie, Amazon Reviewer

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Fatal Truths by Anna Markland


At long last! Alexandre’s story.

Alex is a rich and powerful Norman nobleman haunted by a troubled past. He has sworn never to marry. Elayne arrives from Scotland masquerading as the nursemaid to her own children, handed over as good faith hostages by King David. Neither she nor her children are who they purport to be. Only lies can keep her twins alive.

(Note to dog lovers. An Irish wolfhound is the true hero of this tale!)

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Sinful Passions by Anna Markland

Sinful Passions by Anna Markland


Rodrick and Swan, Bronson and Grace

…Theirs was a forbidden love…

Rodrick must choose between the Earldom and marriage to his beloved Swan, a union forbidden by the archaic rules of the Church.



Bryk & Cathryn

Investigate the Viking roots of the Montbryce family. A Viking nobleman who has turned his back on murder and mayhem. A heroine named for the convent where she was left as a foundling at birth, destined for the religious life. They don’t speak the same language, their only go-between an elderly nun. This can’t be a romance, can it?



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Looking for historical fiction centered on a certain region?

English History—all books

Norman French History—all books

Crusades—A Man of Value

Welsh History—Conquering Passion, Defiant Passion, Dark and Bright, The Winds of the Heavens

Scottish History—Conquering Passion, A Man of Value, Sweet Taste of Love

European History (Holy Roman Empire)—Carried Away

Scandinavian History—Wild Viking Princess, The Rover Bold, The Rover Defiant

Spanish History—Dance of Love

Ireland—Dark Irish Knight

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If you like to read about historical characters:

William the Conqueror—Conquering Passion, If Love Dares Enough, Defiant Passion

William Rufus—A Man of Value

Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy—Passion in the Blood

Henry I of England—Passion in the Blood, Sweet Taste of Love, Haunted Knights, Hearts and Crowns

Heinrich V, Holy Roman Emperor—Carried Away

Vikings—Wild Viking Princess, The Rover Bold, The Rover Defiant

Kings of Aragon (Spain)—Dance of Love

The Anarchy (England) Stephen vs. Maud—Hearts and Crowns; Fatal Truths; Sinful Passions


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