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Lana Williams, Historical RomanceHistorical Romance Adventures With A Pinch of Paranormal

Lana Williams writes historical romance filled with mystery, adventure, and a pinch of paranormal to stir things up. Her medieval romances begin with A Vow To Keep, the first in The Vengeance Trilogy, followed by Trust In Me and then Believe In Me.

Her next trilogy is set in Victorian London and begins with Unraveling Secrets followed by Passionate Secrets. The third book in this series will be released in 2015.

Filled with a love of books from an early age, Lana put pen to paper and decided happy endings were a must in any story she created. She writes in the Rocky Mountains with her husband, two growing sons, and two dogs.

She loves hearing from readers! Stop by her website and say hello!

Genre(s): Medieval, Victorian, European


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Lana’s Latest Book

Zon Image w KW logoTrusting the Wolfe
Book .5 of The Seven Curses of London

Set in 1870’s London…the first book in The Seven Curses of London Series!

Stabbed and left for dead in one of London’s most dangerous neighborhoods, Marcus de Wolfe is astounded when a woman resembling the angel from the famous family legend saves him. Once recovered, he shoves aside his angel’s captivating image and focuses on his goal of stopping whoever is smuggling cargo on his ships.

Left penniless by her wastrel of a father, seamstress Tessa Maycroft doesn’t trust men, especially not the handsome earl with the golden eyes she saved. To keep others from facing the fate she barely escaped, she offers seamstress apprenticeships for impoverished girls, giving them a chance for a better life.

But when Marcus appears in her shop and insists there’s a terrible connection between her girls and his ships, she agrees to help him once more. He tempts her to believe there might be more to life than she’s dared to hope.

Marcus soon realizes Tessa is anything but a simple seamstress. His angel shows him he’s not as dead inside as he believed. Can the passion they find in each other’s arms unite these lonely souls or will the plot they uncover threaten not only their new-found love but their lives?


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LanaWilliams_ShatteredSecrets_200pxShattered Secrets
Book III of The Secret Trilogy

Some secrets are never meant to be shared.

Set in 1880’s London…the final book in The Secret Trilogy!

Scarred from a terrible accident, Lucas Stanby swore never to return to England. But his brother’s murder forces him home ten years later as the new Earl of Berkmond and guardian of his two young nieces.

As the local vicar’s daughter and a childhood friend, Moira Dorsey naturally set aside her hopes of a family of her own to care for the earl’s daughters. Lucas’s return makes it impossible for her to remain since he broke Moira’s heart years ago, but the girls have other ideas.

Lucas realizes he needs Moira to keep his personal demons at bay as well as deal with two rambunctious girls. He offers Moira a marriage of convenience, hoping to keep his dark secret, aware he’s too broken to be the husband she deserves.

Moira discovers Lucas’s cold demeanor hides deep scars but glimpses of the boy she loved give her hope. She counters his proposal, asking for a babe of her own, wanting Lucas to see he’s not the monster he believes.

Unable to deny his growing feelings, Lucas agrees, but his past disrupts their second chance at love, dragging Moira and the girls into danger. He soon realizes he must share his terrible secret with Moira and risk losing her forever in order to stop the villain who threatens them all.

Read an excerpt on Lana’s website

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LanaWilliams_PassionateSecrets_200pxPassionate Secrets
Book II of The Secret Trilogy

He can’t risk loving her. She refuses to accept anything less.

Set in 1880’s London…a new Victorian Historical Romance!

Michael Drury, Viscount Weston, treats life like a business, shunning personal connections at all costs to avoid the passion that ultimately destroyed his parents. Discovering drab governess Emma Grisby in his library is a shock, especially since her uncle appears to have risen from the grave with deadly intent. He suspects her of working with her uncle and devises a scheme to watch her.

Desperate to aid her family, Emma reluctantly agrees to Michael’s offer to give her a season with the hopes of finding a wealthy husband. She trusts no man and does her best to ignore her growing feelings for the handsome viscount.

Watching Emma transform into a beautiful, confident woman is more than Michael bargained for. He fears losing control of his carefully ordered life when his love for her intensifies. As passions collide and secrets are revealed, Michael and Emma must decide if they are strong enough to risk their hearts, and possibly their lives, for love.

Read an excerpt on Lana’s website, right here.

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Unraveling Secrets
Book I of The Secret Trilogy

When the past returns to haunt her…only one man can save her.

Set in 1880’s London…a new Victorian Historical Romance!

When her father’s murderer returns from the dead to threaten her family, Abigail Bradford attempts to warn him off, but soon learns chasing a ghost is no easy task.

Stephen Nolton, Viscount Ashbury, stumbles upon Abigail in the dirty streets of London’s East End. Able to read auras of good and evil after an electromagnetic experiment went terribly wrong, Stephen hovers on society’s edge, keeping secret his unique skill and personal mission. Despite his fascination with the lady and her unique golden aura, he intends to keep his distance.

Desperate to protect her family, Abigail turns to the one man she believes can aid her. In Stephen’s arms, she finds so much more than she hoped. Stephen tries to resist his desire for the independent beauty, afraid she’ll unravel his secrets. But when he discovers the murderer is linked to his own past, he must decide how much he’s willing to risk for love.

Read an excerpt on Lana’s website, right here.

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LanaWilliams_AVowtoKeep_200pxA Vow To Keep
Book I of The Vengeance Trilogy

Revenge was all he lived for…

England, 1245.

Sir Royce has spent his entire life plotting revenge against the uncle who murdered his parents and stole his birthright. Kidnapping the man’s bride-to-be brings Royce one step closer to fulfilling his vow of vengeance.

…until he met her.

Lady Alyna has no desire to marry nor to become a pawn in a game of revenge. Her only wish is to find a safe place to raise her young son, a child gifted with second sight.

Alyna soon realizes this bold knight has captured her heart but fears she’s merely a part of his plot for revenge. The beautiful lady and her precocious son make Royce long for a family of his own, yet his plans have already been set in motion and cannot be stopped.

As passions rise, Royce must choose between his vow of vengeance and risking his heart for love.

Read an excerpt on Lana’s website, right here.

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LanaWilliams_TrustinMe200Trust In Me
Book II of The Vengeance Trilogy

He took her for revenge…

When his brother is abandoned near death at the gate of his keep, Lord Nicholas de Bremont seeks revenge against those he believes guilty: Lord Crefton and his treacherous daughter, Elizabeth. But the old lord is too feeble for Nicholas to fight. Desperate to protect her father, Lady Elizabeth offers to take his place, but as Nicholas’s wife.

Nicholas vowed never to have a family and risk passing his cursed second sight on to a child, yet how else can he make Crefton suffer but to take away his only daughter? Determined to make Elizabeth pay for her part in his brother’s injuries, he adds a punishing stipulation to her offer–he refuses to bed her, dashing her dream of a family.

but she captured his heart.

As they feign a true marriage, Elizabeth tries to guard her heart from the angry lord who appears to despise her, yet his small acts of kindness crumble her defenses. Nicholas attempts to keep his distance from the beautiful lady, terrified Elizabeth will unveil his dark secret, but is tempted every moment he’s with her. When his visions divulge a villain who intends her harm, Nicholas must choose whether to accept her trust and love, or keep his secret and claim vengeance.

Read an excerpt on Lana’s website, right here.

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LanaWilliams_BelieveInMe_200pxBelieve In Me
Book III of The Vengeance Trilogy

A knight determined to honor his vow.

A lady set on vengeance.

Only love stood in their way.

Lady Cristiana’s plan to seek revenge against her mother’s murderer is cut short when a world-weary knight arrives to escort her to her new guardian, a powerful bishop. Cristiana refuses to become a ward of the bishop whom she suspects was involved in her mother’s death, but the knight leaves her no choice.

Sir William de Bremont hopes to earn a second chance at the life he was given but believes he doesn’t deserve. Serving the bishop seems the perfect solution, except Lady Cristiana thwarts him at every turn, captivating him body and soul.

Cristiana has the unique ability to heal the sick through her touch. Accustomed to hiding her gift, the wall she’s built to protect herself crumbles under William’s passionate regard. Honor-bound to deliver her despite her protests and his own doubts, William reluctantly fulfills his vow only to realize the depth of his mistake.

As William and Cristiana’s love grows, they realize the bishop plans to use her ability to fulfill his own destiny with little concern for the life of others, including Cristiana’s. The bishop’s treachery comes to light, forcing Cristiana to choose between revenge or the love of a lifetime.

Read an excerpt on Lana’s website, right here.

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