Nancy Morse

Where Love Is Always An Adventure

Nancy Morse is an award-winning, multi-published author of historical, contemporary and paranormal romance novels and novellas, where love is always an adventure, as well as non-fiction.

In early 1980 she read her first historical romance and was hooked. That year she sold her first book, a western historical. Since then, her books have been published by Pocket Books, Dell, Meteor, Silhouette Intimate Moments, and Abrams ComicArts. Her backlist and new titles, published independently, are available digitally on all e-readers and in print.

Nancy writes about dangerous men and the women who love them. Some of the heroes of her historicals are pirates, Lakota warriors, half-breed outlaws,  backwoodsmen, Revolutionary spies, Norman knights, a Russian prince, and a lonely vampire longing for love.  The heroines are intelligent, resourceful, feisty women who know what they want and how to get it.

Genre(s): Pirate, Americana, Western, Paranormal, Native American, European


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Nancy’s Latest Book


RESTLESS WIND, Book 3 in  the Native American Wild Wind Series

She is currently working on THE KINCAIDS, a western historical series.  Book 1, DALLAS, is planned for late 2017.


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Where to buy Nancy’s books

Where the Wild Wind Blows by Nancy Morse


Book 1 in the Native American Wild Wind Series

Katie McCabe, daughter of an Indian trader, finds herself alone when her family is killed in a battle between the Army and the Indians. She is rescued by Black Moon, a fierce Lakota warrior who has vowed to keep the white people from taking his land, and is taken to live with his people. The love that ignites between these two wild hearts is tested by treachery, abduction, prejudice, a promise to a dying woman and the tensions that erupt between the Sioux and the Army. From the war-torn Great Plains to the opulence of St. Louis, a headstrong white girl and a proud Lakota warrior fight for their love and the wild country of their birth.

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#20winterwind20FINALlightenedWINTER WIND,  Book 2 in the Native American Wild Wind Series

The story continues…

Struggling  to come to terms with a heartbreaking loss, Katie and Black Moon  are                                                                                 plunged into a turbulent set of circumstances when the peace of the Powder River                                                                               country is shattered by a brutal attack on a Cheyenne village. A new threat rises,                                                                                   testing the strength of their love and challenging Black Moon’s vow that nothing                                                                                     would ever come between them again. But broken vows, like broken hearts, are as                                                                               certain as the WINTER WIND.

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restless-wind-lh RESTLESS WIND, Book 3 in the Wild Wind Series


The love between trader’s daughter Katie McCabe and Lakota warrior Black Moon has survived misunderstanding, treachery, absence, abduction, and tragedy, but the ever-increasing hostilities between the soldiers and the Sioux have planted seeds of uncertainty in Katie’s mind as to where she belongs – the white world into which she was born, or the world of the Lakota in which she has chosen to live. As tensions erupt over the plains, Black Moon rides with Crazy Horse to rid the Powder River country of the Long Knives, and Katie joins a wagon train and embarks on a journey of self-discovery, setting into motion events as turbulent as the RESTLESS WIND.




Beneath an Iron Sky 200x300BENEATH AN IRON SKY

Eleven-year-old Philadelphia (Del) Stratton meets fifteen-year-old Crow Eagle, a rebellious Lakota boy, at the Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania where her father is an instructor. Wrenched from his people on the reservation and brought to Carlisle to become Americanized, the reluctant but deep bond the belligerent boy forms with the idealistic young girl is severed when he returns to his people. Nine years later they are reunited when Del’s fight for women’s suffrage takes her to Dakota Territory on the verge of statehood. There, Crow Eagle, now a strong warrior, is waging battle to retain his people’s way of life and keep their hope alive through the Ghost Dance. And the friendship that began years earlier blossoms into a forbidden love that will not be denied.

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Sea Mistress by Nancy Morse


The search to recover a lost jewel leads Raven De Lys to New Orleans and sets her on a game of cat and mouse across the high seas and into the arms of Dominique Sauvinet, the infamous pirate who holds the jewel, and her fate, in the palm of his hand. Can their love survive a dangerous game of charades where not everyone is who they seem, and a murderous pirate’s thirst for revenge?

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Fire Hawk by Nancy Morse


In 1757 a deadly common bond unites strong-willed Alice Winslow, a girl from New Hampshire Colony whose family was massacred by Abnaki Indians, and Nathaniel Hawke, a half-savage frontiersman who was raised by the Mohawk after his family was killed by a Huron war party. As England and France vie for control of the North America with the aid of their Indian allies, Alice and Nathaniel embark on a dangerous journey through enemy territory to rescue a little boy being held for ransom by the unscrupulous Frenchman who spearheaded the massacres that have brought these two survivors together. On their trek through the New York wilderness they confront a charge of sedition, warring Indian tribes, a bitterly cold winter, betrayal, abduction, and the harsh realities of life and death, only to be transformed along the way by the healing power of love and a simple act of mercy.

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Beloved Betrayer by Nancy Morse


A deathbed confession sends Gareth de Trevaine from Normandy to England to claim the heritage stolen from him at birth. The love that ignites between Gareth and Rowan de Haviland, the strong-willed daughter of a Norman lord, is instant and powerful, but he dare not reveal his identity as the son of her family’s avowed enemy and risk losing her love. When jealous rivals resort to murder to prevent Gareth from taking his rightful place as Lord of Thornby Castle and threaten to expose him as a supporter of Henry Plantaganet who is on the march to claim the British throne, to save Gareth from the king’s dungeon Rowan consents to marry his ruthless cousin, a man she despises. Abducted on her wedding day, she is carried off to Gareth’s castle in Normandy and forced to wait on him as a servant as retribution for her betrayal. Can Gareth fight his burning desire for the lovely Norman maiden who deceived him?
Can Rowan pierce the heart that has hardened against her and win back the knight she was forced to betray in the name of love?

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Silver Lady by Nancy Morse


She came to America to claim a priceless legacy, but the silver mine that brought Danielle Fleming across the ocean led her to an untamed land where neither her beauty nor her money could buy safety. From the glittering society of St. Louis to Crazy Horse’s war-torn Dakotas, she followed her destiny and the men who were her fate—the half brother whose dark secret threatened to destroy her, the world-famous composer who found in her the inspiration for his greatest work, the cavalry captain who viewed her as the prize jewel in his crown of ruthless ambition, and the half-breed outlaw who stole her heart and put his lusty brand upon her soul.

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This Tender Prize by Nancy Morse


Plucked as a delicate flower from the French court, Juliette le Roy is swept by fate across the ocean and into the arms of Captain Christian Youngblood, the ruthless revolutionary spy whose family’s dark secrets threaten the love that burns in her heart.

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Blood Rhapsody by Nancy Morse


Soul Searchers Book 1

Prudence Hightower is the daughter of London’s music master. Betrothed to a man she does not love, grieving over her mother’s suicide and worried for her father’s mysteriously declining health, she turns to her father’s gifted pupil, enigmatic Nicolae Tedescu, finding comfort in his music and passion in his arms. But is he a man or a monster? Longing for the love denied him because he is a vampire, Nicolae is intrigued by the prim young mortal, but when he offers her the dark gift, she refuses. Can he live for all eternity without her? Can Pru survive a dangerous plot to use her as bait to destroy Nicolae? Beneath the bloodlust is a hunger for love that defies the centuries. Within the music lies the strength to mend a broken heart. In a witch’s chant is the secret to reclaiming a lost soul. When all else is lost, taking a chance on love becomes the most dangerous choice of all. Beneath the bloodlust is a hunger for love that defies the centuries. Within the music lies the strength to mend a broken heart. In a witch’s chant lies the secret to reclaiming a lost soul.

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The Prince's Passion by Nancy Morse


By secret decree Nicholas Romanov, a prince of Imperial Russia, is next in line to the throne. Driven by dark passions, yearning for freedom from tyranny, the dangerous charade Nicholas plays is threatened by those who would resort to murder to prevent him from reaching the throne, and by Alana Welles, the daughter of an American senator. What begins for Alana as a capricious European holiday turns into a journey of deceit and betrayal, where friends become adversaries and misguided affections lead to heartbreak, and the only thing she can trust is her own reckless heart. From the blood-soaked sands of the Spanish bullring to the verdant English countryside, from the war-ravaged Crimea to glittering St. Petersburg, Alana follows her heart and the handsome Russian prince whose secrets can topple an empire.




Tainted Love by Nancy MorseTAINTED LOVE

                                              Soul Searchers Book 2

Fledgling vampire Prudence Hightower longs for love. Not the tainted love of the vampire Nicholas, but that of a mortal man – the pirate Stede Bonham. But Stede’s happy-go-lucky nature hides a secret that can destroy her faith in love as surely as Nicholas destroyed her mortality. As the French tricolor is lowered in New Orleans with the American purchase, and old-world Creoles clash with arrogant Americans, the key to reclaiming Pru’s lost soul lies with an ancient witch inhabiting the body of a powerful voodoo queen. Can she trick the witch into chanting the spell that will restore her mortal soul? Will a voodoo love potion win Stede’s love? From the muddy streets of New Orleans, to the steamy bayous throbbing with voodoo drums, to the pirate stronghold of Barataria, Pru follows a tempestuous path to the heart of darkness and into the arms of the vampire who will never let her go.


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Photojournalist Julia Rowan traveled to Africa two years after the Great War ended to photograph the wildlife migration, but something happened that sent her back to America unable to remember her past. Now, hoping to find out what happened and regain what she lost, she has returned to British East Africa and turns to Jonathan Shane for help.

Grandson of European settlers, Jonathan is struggling to put his wartime experiences behind him and save his coffee farm in the midst of the worst drought in decades. Bitter over Julia’s unexplained disappearance from his life two years ago, reluctant to open his heart to her again, yet unable to refuse her plea for help, he waits in tortured silence for her to remember him and the love they shared.

As they journey into the African bush in search of the answers to unlock her memory, will the curse of the ancient stone she wears around her neck lead her to destruction or into the arms of the only man she has ever loved, the one her mind cannot recall, but who love remembers?






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