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Americana romance authors have a broad array of historical threads from which to weave their stories. The time period generally encompasses the nineteenth century; however, earlier years, from the mid 1700s, through later years, into the early 1900s, may creep in.

Americana historicals cover any story set mainly in America that is not focused on a particular theme, such as cowboys, Native Americans, or the Civil War—though all of these elements may be included. An Americana romance may contain spirited horses and sexy cowboys, but they are not classified as westerns because they may also focus on burgeoning cities, cross-country trains, and the fast-developing technology.

Our Americana heroes are tough as the wild West, sophisticated as the eastern cities, bold as the Sierra Nevada mountains, attractive as the wide open plains, and as seductive as the Mississippi River on a hot day. Our heroines are equally engaging, captivating their men folk with their intelligence, curiosity, fierce strength and determination, and, of course, their beauty, whether classical as a fine piano concerto or more exotic as Dixieland or the beat of a Native American drum.

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An Intriguing Proposition by Sydney Jane Baily

Sass Meets Class by Jill Hughey

Fire Hawk by Nancy Morse

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Sydney Jane Baily
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Jill Hughey
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Nancy Morse

Dance to the Devil’s Tune by Adrienne deWolfe

 Cora by Cynthia Woolf

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Adrienne deWolfe

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Cynthia Woolf




Click on any book cover below to learn more about the book!


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