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lovehistoricals_smallerlogo Welcome to the world of Celtic romance. Below is a selection of thrilling romances set during ancient Celtic times by your favorite Love Historicals authors. For more information on these authors and their books, click on their names below their covers or in the list on the right.

The Celts. Dark heroes and dark mountains. Strong heroines. Dreams of destiny. Strongly held beliefs. Struggles against oppression. Difficult terrain.

The Celtic knot weaves itself effortlessly into the fabric of romance. It is the quintessential symbol of love, of loss, of beauty, of longing, of a proud history.

Ireland, known by the Druids as the Sacred Isle, sparkling like an emerald in the sea. The bold and freethinking queens of Ireland were as formidable in bed as they were on the battlefield, their knights as brave and chivalrous as any of the round table. The Island of the West was the stronghold of Goddess worship, of healers and warriors, of maidens with the Sight and champions defending their honor.

Let these stories take you to far-away places like Avalon, Dubh Lein, Lyonesse and the Welshlands, where ladies-in-waiting, Druid priests, and knights in shining armor weave tales to take your breath away.

Celts love forever. Bookmark this page to find our latest releases and your favorite Celtic romance stories.



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 Dark Irish Knight by Anna Markland
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Anna Markland




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