Georgian Romance

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Spanning the years 1714 to 1830 and named for the reigns of kings George I, II, and III, it was a time of extreme luxury and abject poverty, of burgeoning industrialization and pleasure gardens, of growing cities and increasing emigration to the North American colonies, of Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, and Lord Byron. A trip through the Georgian period will take you from London’s sordid East End, where footpads lurk in fog-filled corners, to the estates of hereditary nobility and fashionable Hanover Square. Fall in love with a Georgian gentleman dressed in shirt with ruffled sleeves, waistcoat, and breeches tucked into glossy Hessian boots. Or an ungovernable rogue out to steal more than a woman’s purse. Who knows what lurks in the London mist? Maybe even a Georgian vampire or two.

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Blood Rhapsody by Nancy Morse

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Nancy Morse



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