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Pirate. Swashbuckler. Buccaneer. Privateer. Corsair. Whether French aristocrat, English nobleman, or American rogue, sailing the Barbary Coast, the moonlit Caribbean Sea, or the Spanish Main, these notoriously dangerous men hold us captive with their exploits. Pirate history goes back to the ancient Greeks, when countries began to sail the oceans and seas to trade with one another. It flourished between the 17th and 19th centuries, the Golden Age of Piracy, when men sailed in search of treasure, engaged in swordfights across quarterdecks awash with spindrift, plundered booty, and stole women’s hearts with their daring escapades. If the image of a handsome swashbuckler in a billowy shirt with cutlass in hand, a ship at full sail, and places like Port Royal and Barataria capture your fancy, then you’re like us and love this era.

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Sea Mistress by Nancy Morse

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Nancy Morse




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