Mar 09

Am Writing. #amwriting

I started a full-time job in July. My writing skills, honed on historical romance, helped me earn the position. In an office with a team of seven people, I’m now the go-to for editing a career biography or pulling together a press release. I look forward to these few and far between tasks when I can sink my teeth into word choice, punctuation, and flow. Because I’m a writer at heart. And folks at work are happy because — did you know? — some people absolutely hate writing. Even people who love to read can despise creating the written word.

Lucky for me, I’m still writing. This blog, for example. Snippets of marketing material. A gazillion emails a day.

But books? Not so much right now. The plots of unwritten stories float in my head like motion barely caught in my peripheral vision. The children of my very first characters beg for the chance to grow up. My poor new adult heroine, abandoned amidst a volcanic eruption, wants to know if her freshman crush will really be her forever guy.

Every published novelist can tell you that having a story in your head is the easy part. On a scale of difficulty, falling off a log ranks far higher than plotting fiction in one’s head. However, past history shows that the very existence of characters in my head indicates these stories’ time may come. One day I’ll likely find myself building sentences/paragraphs/chapters instead of emails.

Until then, I’ve got a small collection of books already launched in the world, and have been lucky to be part of a few extraordinary boxed sets with the Love Historicals authors. Check out our latest – the Once Upon A Kiss set. #amreading  #amwriting







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  1. Nancy Morse

    Good luck with the new job, Jill. I have no doubt that those characters floating around in your head will eventually get their own books.

    1. Jill Hughey

      Thank you, Nancy. So far the new job is really great.

  2. Author SJ Baily

    Jill, wanted to say good job juggling from a fellow juggler. Now I have to run off to my day job. Luckily, not full time or I’d go bonkers!!

  3. Anna Markland

    You are a born writer, Jill. I love your books. Sometimes being away from writing and giving stories time to percolate in your head is beneficial.

    1. Jill Hughey

      Thank you so much, Anna. I’m so glad you enjoy my books, and yes, being away from the day-to-day writing does give a different perspective. I wish I could be a prolific a writer as you are!

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