May 06

Rescuing Scotland’s Honors from Under Cromwell’s Nose

I’m pleased to announce that Highland Betrayal is now available. 

The impetus for this tale came from the true story of the rescue of Scotland’s Crown Jewels from Oliver Cromwell’s clutches. After the execution of King Charles I, Cromwell destroyed the English regalia and wanted to do the same to Scotland’s Honors.

The crown, sword and scepter had been hidden away in Dunnottar Castle. The fortress fell to English forces after a siege of 80 days. However, no trace of the jewels could be found. It is reported that a woman was instrumental in their disappearance.

I decided my heroine, Hannah Kincaid was the plucky lass who carried out this bold theft. And her hero? Morgan Pendray, a gunnery captain in the English army, of course.

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When the latest round of shot chewed into the wall, Morgan deliberately averted his gaze from the cloud of yellow dust to the distant cliff path. He narrowed his eyes against the late afternoon sun, startled by the unexpected sight of a raven-haired lass struggling up the steep slope from the beach. She was bent double under the weight of a basket she carried on her back. The checkered shawl most women wore around their shoulders was tied around her hips.

She paused at the top, slid the basket straps from her shoulders, straightened and stretched to touch the sky. It was a vision of innocent beauty amid the sickening slaughter. He sucked in a breath as the sight of her proud breasts and shapely figure stirred the interest of his tarse. In a trice she evoked wants and needs he’d thought grief had drained out of him.

He was tempted to rush over and offer his help when she crouched to lift the basket back onto her shoulders, but that was out of the question.


  1. Lana Williams

    I love how you so cleverly weave true facts into a story! Can’t wait to read this one, Anna!

  2. sydneyjbg

    Ten days after you posted this and I kept in my digital “pile” to read the post. Wow, drew me right into the story, and I love it when you take a real historical tale and bring it to life.

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